Friday, March 4, 2011

Adkratsubsr technology facilitates the process synchronization

With respect to modern technology process synchronization is one of the major issues for process management. As multiple processes are running simultaneously on a single system. So it might have a chance to occur some errors when the control moves one to another process. In order to handle different types of process Adkratsubsr helps a lot. When a new process arrives it goes to the process queue and waits for execution. The processor gives a small amount of time to every process and then the control moves to the next process. By this the process which is short completed first and then the bigger.

But the question comes when there is a large size of process waiting in the queue for long time; and smaller process come and executes. It may results that the longer process not even gets a chance to start execution for several days. This scenario called starvation. Adkratsubsr may give relief from this condition by aging the process. That means it marks the process some numbers to identify its priority. When a large process is waiting for long time its priority gets high. And after certain time it’s get the processor for execution. By this we can save a process from large time starvation.

Another thing we should keep in mind that Adkratsubsr will implemented only for longer process as operating system automatically executes the smaller process first.

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