Monday, February 21, 2011

Adkratsubsr : Another dimension of modern technology

Adkratsubsr is mainly a procedure or a technique that is used to address program dynamically in the memory means the process of dynamic memory allocation. It is still under observation and yet not incorporated in the modern computer technology. It has two parts one is data part that contains the information about the program and other part is size part (value) that contains the size of the program as well as the starting address of the program.

In early days the programs loaded in the memory statically means until all the programs loaded in the memory finish execution, any other program cannot be loaded in the memory. Therefore, the space created between two programs in the memory remains unused until the whole memory is been cleared. But Adkratsubsr technique gives us the privilege to use that unused memory space in a dynamic manner by shifting programs in one side of the memory or by collecting the free spaces together as a big space in order to make its full utilization. In this way Adkratsubsr reduces the fragmentation in the memory as well as reduces the response time of the system. When a program first loads in the memory Adkratsubsr takes the size of the program, starting address of the program & the state of the program. When a program is executing it marked as running state and as soon as the program stops its execution it marked as dead state. When Adkratsubsr finds a program in dead state it clears the memory in order to load another program, means other programs which are in queue are not required to wait for the whole memory to be free.

Though the cost of the memory has reduced a lot, users are increasing rapidly. Therefore, Adkratsubsr can be a very useful technique to handle the situation in major work station. It is also applicable for server computers where various types & sizes of programs run at the same time from various clients end.


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